Round Two

Well, looks like Round 2 for little Z was a success.

L is potty training–well, he knows how to go but, he gets distracted and doesn’t go sometimes and so he pees in his pull-up but, he had to go to the bathroom and since we have roommates, he uses our bathroom in the master bedroom. Well, he was on his way to the bathroom and the little boy I watch and A decided it would be a GENIUS idea to follow him in there and make a lot of noise… Let’s just say–not a happy mommy! But, Z is back asleep and A and the other little boy are sleeping. L is finishing up Aladdin, although I think I may invite him to the kitchen to bake something. But, we’ll see–definitely need some caffeine.

Phone call from the hubby–time to check the laundry.

Daycare Trials

It’s not yours, it’s ours.

–Mr. L

Days here consist of…

  • When is it okay to be noisy & when is it not
  • Trying to discipline one without scaring the others into thinking they are in trouble
  • Keeping the out of trouble ones away from the in trouble ones
  • Is it okay to wrestle/play rough–cause they are boys–& what is & isn’t allowed
  • Trying to keep cups in & out of the right mouths
  • Getting them to eat
  • Keeping everyone happy
  • Giving everyone enough one-on-one time
  • Housework
  • Potty training
  • Diaper changes
  • & so much more