My apologies to you lovely readers–

I have been trying to consolidate all the different blogs I’ve had over the years & I finally found an article on how to do just that, well, little did I know that one of my articles from another blog featured a picture that WordPress did not allow, therefore, I got deactivated & it took a good 12 hours to get a response. I was definitely not a happy camper to have been deactivated without a reason why however, once they gave me a reason this morning, I could understand their reasoning, although it was a picture from a website going against what the website was so, I was using it in a completely different context. Oh well, it’s all fixed & we’re back up & running.

Sadly, now that the blog is finally active again, it’s time to get me some breakfast, the older to minions some lunch, Z to sleep, & the house tidied up & everyone dressed as R is going to be home for me to take him back to work because we have to go back into the doc (OB) & I have to get the ParaGuard in & possibly have another colposcopy because my biospy was normal & my PAP smear was abnormal–3 abnormal PAP smears in less than a year & a half & 3 colposcopies in a year–or has it been less than a year. I am not quite sure honestly, I have lost track of everything they have wanted to do.

126editedThe weather has managed to cool down the last couple of days–started cooling down Saturday & of course, Sunday was the day that I managed to get the pool out & setup for the boys so, now they have a pool setup & full of some water but, it’s too cold to play in. It’s one of those “wash your car & it rains the next day” kind of things. Guess I’ll just have to learn to start doing things at the spur of the moment instead of waiting so long.

Definitely a day for a nap–I meant to get one yesterday but, I got so wrapped up in little Z & trying to get stuff downsized & cleaned up. Today, I shall clean while the boys eat & then I shall nap while the boys nap–speaking of naps, I think Ander is going to need an extra long one today. Sadly, he’ll have an extra short one because I have to be to the doctor’s before his nap is usually over.

Have you ever posted anything that you got “deactivated” for? What are your plans for today? Ever need a little nap? Have you ever gotten distracted or so wrapped up in something that you forgot to do something else?

Roller Coaster

Well, life seems to have run me down but, here’s to getting back on the ride. Got tons going on with the boys right now. R & I were sick by last weekend & before this weekend even came, the three boys got it. I felt terrible for A, Z, & L. They got hit with what I had–sore throat, runny nose, little bit of cough & now R is getting a sore throat again & he was the only one who managed to kick it last week. So, having to try and keep on top of things with that going on.


But, we’re doing it. After waking up at 6 AM for two days, Z let me sleep until 8 because I moved him into the bed at 6 AM after he woke up at 5:30. Since then, it has been a “I got to thinking that if I want him work with me, than I need to work with him too” kind of morning. So, this morning, I bathed all three boys & got them dressed. Took a shower & put on some nice clothes, did my hair & combed the boys. I’ve started laundry & begun downsizing the boy’s clothing again. I tried to before but, I was attached to the clothes or thought they were super cute so, I didn’t want to get rid of them. But, I found the best way to do it was to ask L if he wanted to wear it or if he wanted A to. I tried asking him if he wanted to wear it or put it in the bag & I tried asking if he wanted to wear it or if he wanted the garage man to take it but, I don’t think he was quite getting it. But, I have lots left to do on the house. R doesn’t like a messy house so, if I clean it while he is at work, while the boys nap, than I don’t leave him with stuff he feels obligated to do & we get more time with him so, here’s to Day 1 of trying. So, A is sleeping & I am taking a couple minutes to myself & then I’ll go finish up some stuff in their closet, shuffle the clothes, do the dishes, & get lunch for L & I (eye).

002Just one of the blankets that was covered in stuff to sell. We have over half our garage stuff with things to get rid of–& I just keep finding more. I have gotten our kitchen downsized–at least Round 1. I worked on the living room & the boys room–tackled the toys & clothing. But, I still have another round or two to do in their room. I have tackled the bathroom & the laundry room. I even went through the garage while I was doing the garage sale/moving sale & got a bunch of stuff to get rid of. Now, the treat is finding someone who needs/wants it for a cheap price so that it’ll sell. Instead of having to take, load after load after load to Salvation Army or the dump. Did a garage sale Fri-Sat & we made just over $100. Going to throw another one, next weekend & then whatever is left will get taken to Salvation Army & write off as a tax credit, cause with the move about a month away, we’re going to need to focus on getting boxes, a job(s), packing, a place to live, the truck, etc. I don’t want to have to try and pencil too many garage sale in on my weekends, especially because that’s the only time we really have as a family to just relax and enjoy each other.

Well, as I was writing this up, “Unfortunately, at this time and after careful consideration, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for this position.” letter. At least it’s something. Should be getting a handful of those in the next couple of weeks. Guess we’ll just have to wait & see. Really wish that R would get some offers but, hasn’t happened yet. I got some offers for here & then a place about 2 hours away but, not where we are trying to move to so, praying that one of us will get something so we can get start.

Before I forget–I got my results today, after being ignored on Friday. My biopsy was normal but, my pap smear was abnormal. Sigh–the doc wasn’t to redo my colposcopy because he thinks that he missed something. It will be my third one this year. I am really hoping that I can hold off on another colposcopy & just take another pap in 6 months. I also read that my chances of having cervical cancer are small, right now but, it sounds like I have a STI (sexually transmitted infection). I am praying that this is really nothing & that I am just getting worked up over nothing. Makes me sick to my stomach not knowing what’s going on.

When do you usually get sick? Who is usually sick more often? What time do your kiddos wake up? What’s your favorite chore? What’s your least favorite? Do you do garage sales or just throw stuff out? What does your family enjoy doing on the weekends? Have you ever gotten a rejection letter or phone call from a job?