Well, it was another round of trying to teach my son stuff but, it is much like his mommy–he likes to learn on his own & he is a stubborn child. I am excited that we will have the real cable back soon & that we will have GOOD internet so that I can get the Learning App he likes on my phone so he can sit and play with it & learn that way. 

I tried to teach him some stuff but, he doesn’t seem interested. I think I may have to print it off and just let me flip through some of the stuff. Although, right now, he is coloring me a green apple so, we’re on our way to something but, just a little bit at a time, I supposed. Although learning isn’t as easy to teach kiddos as I had hoped–I supposed it’s like my sister trying to learn football and thinking PURPLE–see image below.

So, it’ll just be a slow process of trying to get him to understand different things but, for now, he does know his colors. He can count (if he chooses to) up to 10. He can make himself and his brother a sandwich. He has learned how to pour his own milk (if it’s not too full). He can dress himself and loves to help take care of his younger brothers. I think he is excelling in all areas, it’s just going to take a little bit of time to teach him some other things. And that’s okay. There’s no rush for my big stuff to grow up, I just have to realize that he is as stubborn (if not more stubborn) than his mommy (my own fault) and it’s a good thing. Just a pain sometimes–poor mom. 

Progressing the Move?

Or slowing it all down? Curse you sickness.

Poor hubby was home sick Fri-Mon. He’s back at work today, although I would have loved to keep him home for the rest of the week, before our big move but, he feels he needs to make a little bit more money & he wanted to go find bodies for loading the truck on Thursday. So, he’s at work today.

& silly me, I couldn’t stop coughing last night–kept coughing until I almost “got sick” (nicer way to put it) so, I took so Nyquil to let me sleep. So, this morning, I was kind of groggy but, our little man slept until almost 10 so, it worked out a little bit. The older to played in the living room at watched the Lego move twice, while I dozed.

Got on Facebook this morning & checked my email from the family. & found this sweet little message left by my husband to me…

Definitely not trying to go creeper status on my wife or anything, but watching you lay there and sleep is by far the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

Love that man! Not sure who else would find their wives passed out on the couch in undergarments, on the shorter couch, curled up in a ball, near the front door–that is slightly cracked, attractive. But, I am glad he does. Such an amazing man! Can’t imagine life without him.

Well, lots to do today–now that I am not so groggy. Need to clean the house up (again), get dishes done so I can pack them all up, wash some laundry so I can put it away & pack it, & start wiping everything down. Can’t believe we’ll be on our way on Friday. Which means I also need to call the rental company & schedule a walk through & get the carpet shampooing scheduled too. Yippie!

Well, here’s to it all–got a little man who is mumbling sweet sounds & the demanding attention with loudly voice complaints. So, my little ears are getting pierced by a lot of noises.