And off we go.



My apologies for being gone for the last 2 weeks–oye! Lots of things started coming up & it was give up one thing or another–the house took the toll at first and then my personal time and this last week–after getting sick, my personal hygiene took a ride down the crapper but, trying to get back up on the horse and get things going again. Had photoshoots & couponing trips–have a new job lined up for when we move–teaching couponing workshops, teach others how to coupon, going to the store and couponing for people, & once my boss gets everything lined up, could possibly be teach classes for a large corporation. I am very excited to be doing work that it is something I love & I can do from home. 6ea5404c-b7eb-4745-9bb2-d5e984ded962wallpaper

The two pictures of just a couple trips that I’ve made & the last two trips, they were beautiful trips! I was very, very happy with them. I can’t wait to get moved & get into a new place so that I can setup a room just for the stockpile & start stocking up on things again! Very exciting move coming up.



Below is one of my photoshoots–my best friend said she would jump into the lake for me–in her wedding dress! 😀 It was so much fun! She’s such a beautiful lady!

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Just a couple of some of the other pictures. But, I have to run–laptop is dying & I need to get ready for tomorrow/this weekend–lots of packing to do, we move in less than 2 weeks. Can’t wait to get back to share with all of you lovely people. Just have to get this move & this sickness kicked, before it turns into ear infections.

Growing in ALL Directions


Our little man has grown up quite a bit. Can’t believe that Z is already two months old!  Our little men are growing like weeds. Z slept through the night for the first time last night. He slept until 6 AM, woke up & ate, & then he went back to sleep for another 3 hours! It’s such a handsome little sleeper. This morning, he was smiling and fluttering his eyes–looked like he was trying to decide whether he wanted to wake up or fall asleep. It was so cute! Just a little smile creeping up on is face and then sliding away and then back on repeatedly.


Yesterday, L got into the food coloring when I tried to take care of Z after I made the Lava Lamps yesterday. A got covered in pink food coloring & there was a few spots on the carpet. I didn’t see them until R got home and got upset because L also drew on the back of the door with chalk & I didn’t have time to clean it up. But, I used the Bissell Stomp n Go pads and got most of the pink food coloring out. Need to work on it again some more today to try & get the rest out, as R doesn’t want to lose our deposit on the pink stain when we move out next month. Oh the things that happen with children!


Shot some pictures yesterday during bath-time yesterday & after R got home from work & I took the older two outside to play in the yard. Got a bunch of other pictures edited & posted. & my fever went away so, now I get to wait for the rest of it to leave so that I can get the other photo shoots scheduled & widen my portfolio. I am super excited! Got two to do before the end of this month & then 5 more that I’ll be working on throughout the next couple of months, whenever people would like them. Can’t wait for this to keep growing!


We have to show the house tomorrow–because our landlord is trying to sell it. So, I have to be out of the house for an hour tomorrow. Going to be a pain because I’ll have to be out of the house for an hour, come back for 45 minutes & then leave again to pick R up from work–unless he works OT again. Oh, the things we have to do when we have kids & only one car. Ugh.


Need to start downsizing the boy’s toys again! It’s so hard to figure out what to get rid of & what to keep with three such very diverse ages. But, just have to take it one step at a time–sounds like L is up & about, instead of napping so, time to go put in back on his bed so that A & Z can get good naps. Then, lunch, laundry, dishes, & more cleaning.

135edited(1)What DIY crafts to you do with your kids? How do you clean stains out of carpet, clothing, etc.? What are you favorite photo ops? How often do you have to downsize your kid’s toys? How do you decide what is too many & how to get rid of others?