Got ‘er Done!

That’s right–I got ‘er done! It took me this long… What 2 hours? To get that article done. But, I did it. I feel like it is a GREAT article & will be able to share the link in a few days, once it is able to go PUBLIC! EEK! 

Warning–it is about hairstyles so, some of you may not be as interested in it. But, I found it kind of interesting. It is definitely bring out that girly side of that was never really there.

But, now for bed. Going to get up early and start in on school tomorrow. Then, articles while the boys nap and more school after they go to sleep. But, bed for now–who wouldn’t want a warm cuddle buddy after a long day of working. I would!! And I have on–again procrastinating… I think I learned that from Sister 5. 😛


Note (again) to self: Need to make nicknames for sisters–they are more than just numbers.

Workin’ Away

Well, here I am at the computer again–supposed to be working. I actually had to close the browser so that I could focus earlier. I am terrible–Facebook and this blog get me into trouble. I am horrible about procrastinating so, here I am… Procrastinating again. 

But, I have good news! I start my newest writing assignment soon! I get to write about hairstyles for this website! I will also be running their Facebook page so, that should help keep me working while I have Facebook open. But, that’s my good news.

Now, it’s time to get some articles about hairstyle whipped out–not that I finished information about annuities and structured settlements earlier today. Man, I feel like I have learned more writing these articles that I ever will in a work or school environment! I love it!

Also, I started a Freelancing Course though Penn Foster so, need to work on that some too! Really hoping that it’ll help me improve my writing–got fired and picked up a school course, lol. Really smart, right?! Go away, make fun if you wish to. At least I can work on school whenever I want, all I have to do is have it done before late January. 

Time to get back to writing the articles though. I can definitely tell that my writing style is changing a little bit, at least while I am writing the articles. I have managed to learn to spell out don’t as do not and other contractions–again, procrastinating! 

Night folks.