Badass Parents

Well, things are starting to roll in the “right” direction. The house is being repaired–had construction workers here yesterday and some other people came by late last night to look at something that needed to be repaired in the backyard.

My hubby & I now have cell phones, after not having them for a year and a half…

Just got a call from the DSHS office setting our assistance back another week… So, there goes having the help within a week. Ugh! Have to prove my husband’s employment (because their listed HR number doesn’t work) and have to prove our rent expenses because they went up too much (they jumped from $0-$995). So, there goes that good news–whatever. Today is pay day. Just going to have to put it towards food, diapers, etc. and almost everything else is just going to have to wait–need to postpone car insurance, etc.

Oh well–back to what I was originally thinking about… (once the laptop stops acting up–freaking keyboard keeps working and then not working.)

Well, I started being an admin of a page on Facebook–it looks like it’s gonna be a great page but, last night one of the ladies mentioned something about rate the spouse–personally, heck no. I wouldn’t want (nor would I let) other people to rate my significant other. Is that so wrong?

Computer is being too dumb–write more later.

Moving Time–Again

Well, it’s here–that’s right, we’re moving AGAIN. But, it’s not moving states this time, it’s just moving towns–from storage shed to a house. Super excited but, also realizing that we have a bunch to do.

I was staring at my sisters to do list in regards to moving and realized that I have not done a couple things that she has one her list:

  • Car insurance
  • Driver’s License
  • Address change–again
  • Reserving a truck/bodies to move the storage stuff

Not too much to do, except for the part that we still have to apply for state help since i don’t make quite enough to be able to take care of my family. But, hubby had a phone call about a job today so, I am just going to keep doing my best to pray, pray, pray that God will pull something out of nothing and get him one before we have to pay another month’s rent.

I’ve been applying for some writing jobs, as well as, trying to find some more kiddos to watch. But, we shall see.

Very anxious to be able to move into our new place.  And have money again so that we will know bills are paid and what not. Ugh–come on life, keep working out (please)… Super anxious–well, hubby is running the out of the house errands so, I have to run the in house errands–paying bills. So, here it goes!