Brain, you’re an energizer bunny…

I believe we all have those sleepless nights, or at least those nights when your mind doesn’t seem to want to turn off, well, here’s one of those nights. Those nights when you’re almost tired enough for bed, so you decided to give it a shot and get some sleep. But, as you’re lying there all you can thing about is, well, everything. Your brain just keeps going with all of these thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere, yet they have always been there. But, you’re spent that day being preoccupied with everything else.

Well, I was laying in bed, trying hard to go to sleep. But, it wasn’t working… I started texting people, but they stopped. So, I told myself it was time for bed. I began to lay there and when I felt like I could have almost gone to sleep everything began pounding on the door screaming in my head telling me that it just wasn’t going to happen to let me sleep tonight. So, I┬ápreceded┬áto think. About what? Everything.

Quotes, life in general, the past, the present, and what I hope the future holds. My mind wandering aimlessly around. So, I began to texting a few of the things floating in my head to Facebook. Ironic, no? It’s like why not put in on Facebook? It’s like telling someone, saying let’s get this out, because I just don’t know who to call right now, so instead I’m just gonna tell the world… Strange? Retarded? I don’t know. I just needed it out.

Once I had done that, a friend replied. I texted back answers. And my phone began to ring in the middle of texting. So, I took the call, asked the question, and preceded to get back to texting. I finished and laid there in bed wishing for sleep to come. Thirty minutes in bed and not a droopy eyelid. Not one yawn. Nothing.

So, now here I sit, complaining about everything. Ha! To a website. You need to talk to someone, so why not the world. It’ll end up on Facebook because it seems everything is linked to it now. But, I don’t care. I just need to get what I am feeling out. But, what I am I feeling? I don’t even know…

I believe I am not sure what I am feeling. I believe I shall end this with an apology for how strange this blog is. I believe that I will play a game. Look at some pictures. And see if I can come up with what I am feeling, write it out in another blog, and go to bed… So, here’s to the beginning of finding out what I am feeling and hopefully… Why!