Unsure “Adult” & Soulmate


I am a mother of 5 wonderful boys and a wife to an amazing husband. Currently working to grow our little men to be real gentlemen (like my husband) & crazy entrepreneur.

Been in a new state for the last 6 years. My husband is now working in his favorite field of work. I just recently got to join him and work several side hustles.

I started a journal about 12 years ago, after my parents divorced but, managed to stop writing until I started counseling a few years later. After my sister passed away, in 2007, I began writing poetry & journaling like crazy. I lost track of writing when my youngest son arrived when I was 18 years old & have been blogging on & off the last couple of years, trying to get back into it.

I am a open book blogger who loves to share everything in hopes of helping someone else. I enjoy discovering the joys of being a parent to a few crazy boys & a wife to their amazing father.

My hobbies include photography, exercising, play-dates, makeup, & cooking.

If you have any questions, just pop on over and ask.

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